Monday, September 28 – Wednesday, September 30

Well it started out okay

Monday was definitely the highlight of this stretch. It was an easy enough, fairly low-key day at my main job. Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same in that respect. What made the day stand out is that for the first time in way too long I decided to go to hot yoga. As it’s been so long I was worried that I would end up struggling. To my very pleasant surprise I ended up not having lost much ground at all. I had no endurance issues, being able to make it through the entire 90 minutes no trouble, and any losses in flexibility were trivial. My balance had declined some, but.based on experience this attribute is easily regained.

If only Tuesday and Wednesday were as pleasant. I worked at the Major Home Improvement Retailer both days, 4:30 to 10 and 6 to 10 respectively, and both shifts were horror shows. It turned out that a Big Boss would be making a store inspection on Thursday, and the whole outside garden area had to be completely cleaned. All plant debris swept, concrete floors sprayed with bleach and hosed off, products to be moved here and there and everywhere. Each day there was supposed to be someone else in the department and each day called in sick. I had to run around like crazy.doing the long list of chores, while also waiting on customers. I really, really wish Big Bosses would just stay in the office!

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