Thursday, October 8 – Friday, October 9

Enough withat these projects, okay?

Thursday was really two different days when it came to work. At my regular job, it was one of those days best described as BBT (busy but tolerable ). I was able to finish by my normal quitting time, but had to hustle a bit to get to that point. Days like that are fine by me.

My prediction was that my shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer would be a breeze because I was only doing 4:30 to 8:30. How bad can four hours be, right? Turns out that it could be quite bad indeed. There was another person on duty in garden, who could handle customer service stuff, while I got (ugh!) yet another Special Assignment. How thrilling.

It involved these four metal cages holding rolls of landscape fabric. My chore was to move them from ground level to a shelf about 10 feet off the ground, using a lit platform. I had to empty each one out, slide the empty, c. 60 pound cage on the platform – they barely fit –  and.raise them to the new level. As the four cages had less than an inch of horizontal clearance in the bay it took a lot of maneuvering to get them all into place. And then I had to restock them with the fabric rolls. It took over two hours of complete the move, and about another 90 minutes to move some other items in the aisle and print out new price tags. On a brighter note, when I finally finished my shift was just about over.

Friday was of course my sacrosanct day off from both jobs. I did various and sundry things during the day, and we had a late lunch at this new place, Noodles and Company. Very good and very reasonable. In the evening I went to the gym for some back work. Like last time I started with neutral grip pull ups, 2 × 4, 2 × 3, 2 × 2. Still nothing outstanding, but progress. I supplemented the pull ups with cable rows and Hammer Strength machine rows.

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