Monday, October 12 – Tuesday, October 13

Enough with the projects! 

Although I didn’t have Columbus Day off from my regular job, Monday was still a decent day. Traffic was somewhat lighter than usual, and the workday itself was reasonably good. I wasn’t able to leave earlier than usual but didn’t have to rush through things too much. I went to the gym in the early evening and tiptoed  (so to speak) back into deadlifting. Very carefully, I should add. In fact I used a ground-based shrug/deadlifting machine rather than a barbell. My plan is to get a bit more accustomed to the motions involved in a deadlift before moving onto a barbell.

Tuesday was another fairly ordinary day at my main job. Traffic was a lot heavier than it had been the day before, that was for sure. I then had a fairly long shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, 4:30 to 10. On the way in I was planning to ask my department head, whom I had seen would be on the schedule, if I could leave at 8:30 instead. Of course that didn’t happen. The department head had changed his schedule and therefore wasn’t working, and I did not want to ask the manager on duty. Preparations for the Christmas reset were in full swing, with the overnight crew arriving around 9. As for me, I did a variety of tasks, including moving pallets of Christmas stuff with a pallet jack and holding the safety warning flags for a forklift operator. It wasn’t bad work, and was much cleaner than the other projects I’ve done recently, but still, I’d really like to do my regular stuff for a change.

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