Saturday, October 10 – Sunday, October 11

Any hopes that the weekend might bring any relief from the endless parade of “special projects” at the Major Home Improvement Retailer were distinctly short-lived. I started at 8:30 on Saturday morning and wasn’t there an hour before I got assigned to moving around fire logs in the “greenhouse” area. It turns out that a crew will be coming in on Tuesday night to set up Christmas displays, yes it’s that early, and the space currently occupied by the fire logs will be given over to other things that will be displaced by the Christmas stuff.

All of which meant that I spent three hours moving a seemingly limitless amount of fire logs. And they aren’t light, with some cartons weighing as much as 45 pounds. I originally had sone ideas about going to the gym after my shift ended at 5, but needless to say my enthusiasm vanished.

Sunday wasn’t much better. I worked 1:30 to 9, and my main project was cleaning two bays in the outside garden area that held bags of stone. Things like marble chips and decorative pond pebbles. It might have been a tolerable task, except that many of the bags had ripped and there were stones everywhere. It was exhausting dirty work, the only good thing is that I got to used a leaf blower to clean out the dust left over after sweeping. Hey, it’s fun

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