Monday, October 19 – Tuesday, October 20

Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh.

Monday was an absolutely unequivocally wretched day. There’s no way to put an even remotely positive spin on it.

I was really dragging right from the start, with a sore throat and constantly aching muscles. As I headed into my main job I was hoping, really wishful thinking, that my expectations for a tough work cycle would be proven wrong. Maybe it would be tolerable.

My expectations were not wrong. I had a nearly overwhelming amount of work to get done. To finish it all I had to work almost nonstop from 7 to 3:15, taking only one break of less than ten minutes. About the only good thing is that I had no trouble getting the authorization for 45 overtime minutes.

My relief at getting out was short lived, as I had to be at the Major Home Improvement Retailer at 5. As I headed in I was hoping that my shift, which would last until 10, would be a decent one like the weekend shifts had been. Of course I was wrong. During the day the nursery had removed most of the plants in the outside garden area, and my assigned task was to break down the tables which had held the plants.

It was not remotely pleasant. Each of the several tables was about three feet wide and 12 feet long, comprised of long planks or heavy steel gratings resting on a base of concrete blocks. I had to remove the planks, which are both heavy and awkward, and put them in a pile to be banded. As for the concrete blocks, I had to arrange them in alternating patterns on pallets, which then I had to shrink

wrap. It was backbreaking work, and I could barely walk by the time the shift ended.

Tuesday was both worse and better than Monday had been. Worse, in that I was physically run down and in almost constant pain. I also had to stay an hour late at my main job as compared to 45 minutes on Monday. At least I got a full half hour break, and best of all I wasn’t on the schedule at the MHIR. It would have been a good opportunity to go to the gym, but physically there was just no way.

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