Saturday, October 24 – Sunday, October 25

Two run of the mill, un-memoriable days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Saturday was a standard 8-hour shift, 9:15 to 5:45. As it was quite busy for the first half of the shift, time went by pretty fast. Standard customer service sort of work, and I noted with some bemusement  that the customers seemed to be in pretty good moods. Most of them I mean. There were a few who were less pleasant, but not many. I’d say it was people getting into the Christmas spirit, but it’s too early for that. Even if all the decorations and lighrs are on the shelves.

Sunday was easier in that I had a five and a half hour shift, 9:15 to 2:15.Strangely enough it seemed.longer than Saturday’s full shift. It’s probably because I was a lot less busy. Customer flow was about the same as the day before but there were more people on duty in the garden department.

Later on Sunday I booked a flight for a quick trip I have to make to Florida next month. Leaving on November 5 and returning the 10th. Amazingly, a round trip flight cost less than $300. That is a terrific deal, especially considering it’s on a full service airline (Delta) rather than a discount carrier.

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