Thursday, October 29 – Sunday, November 1

I’m not sorry that week ended

Thursday was a JPR (just plain rotten) day at my main job. I finally finished this horrible work cycle … or did I?  Ha ha, joke’s on me. Because there was such a massive volume of work on this cycle I wasn’t able to finish it all. That means I’ll have to carry over much of it into the next cycle, which otherwise would have been a fairly easy one. Though it’s not too bad I suppose, as I’ll be taking a few days off for a quick trip Florida. Guess there’s not too much reason to complain.

Friday was a pretty much do-nothing day off, at least if you don’t count endless games of Doodle Jump. One thing I found out is that the “stats” category shows my playing history in almost unimaginable detail. Total number of games played (2,000+ !), total time spent playing, number of jumps made, on and on. Someone put a LOT of effort into that!

Saturday and Sunday were both workdays at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Eight hours on Saturday and seven on Sunday. They were very different, however. The store was dead on Saturday, presumably because of Halloween, but the “missing” customers returned with a vengeance on Sunday. What with staffing levels being about the same.each day I spent much on Saturday trying to look busy, while the next day i.was run ragged. And as I’ve noted before, being busy makes the day go extremely fast!

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