Thursday, December 31 – Friday, January 1

Happy New Year!

I was scheduled to work from 11 to 3 on New Year’s Eve at the Major Home Improvement Retailer.  As I made my way in I figured it would be a very easy shift.  Not many customers would be likely to appear and there wouldn’t be any freight.  In fact, because I knew from the schedule sheet that there’d be three other people in the garden department for most of my four hours, I’d have very little to do.

I was, of course, entirely wrong. “Not many customers” actually turned out to be “a constant influx of customers” and for reasons I can’t fathom there was a seeming mountain of freight for packout. Rather than standing around trying to look busy I spent almost the entire shift running around doing one thing after another.  The four hours felt more like eight!

New Year’s Eve itself was a rather low-key deal. We went out to dinner at a Thai place around 7pm, and later on watched the ball drop on TV. That’s one particular event I’ve never seen in person and have basically zero desire to see.

The MHIR was open on New Year’s Day, and I worked a 4-hour shift from 10 to 2. Being it a holiday I got four hours’ holiday pay, so it’s like I actually had worked eight hours. It was a moderately busy day, not as many customers as the previous day and not as much freight, but there was only one other employee on duty in garden so I had quite a bit to do. The remaining Christmas items were reduced by 75%, and customers were snapping them up like anything. Who can resist a bargain?

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