Monday, January 4 – Wednesday, January 6

Back to the old grind

What with the holidays being over, Monday marked my return to my main job after my 3-week vacation … okay, unpaid vacation, which one could argue really isn’t a vacation at all. Semantics aside, the time off was a much appreciated opportunity to recharge one’s proverbial batteries. I’m not sure how I could have coped without the break.

As for my return to work, it was a Return with a capital R. Things had been pretty easy in November and December, with my leaving before normal quitting time most days. It doesn’t look like that will be the case for a while. This new 2-week work cycle is very demanding, with a whole host of tasks each day. Each of these three days I had to work almost nonstop for my shifts, with just a brief lunch break. Understand, I don’t mind being busy, it was just the pressure to finish on time that was a bit unaccustomed. I think the next work cycle will be a little easier, and of course by then I’ll be more used to the process.

I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. On Tuesday, a 6 to 10 shift, I had another forklift session. This time the trainer had me out in the actual store, not just in receiving, and he had me put a couple of pallets (containing insulation rolls) into overhead  storage racks. This required some careful judging of distances, but I managed it okay. The hardest part of this lesson was maneuvering the forklift in a couple of the narrow interior aisles, but despite some initial trouble I finally was able to manage okay. One or two more lessons and I’ll be good to go.

Other than the training interlude, both shifts were quite exhausting . There’s a week-long project called “Power Packdown,” which involves taking as many boxes as possible from the overhead storage racks and packing out the products on the sales shelves. Doing this involved incessant trips up and down the rolling ladders. It was slightly easier on Wednesday, when I worked 5 to 10, as I was able to use  an electric ladder for a couple of hours.  Still, I’m glad this is just a week-long project.

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