Thursday, January 7 – Friday, January 8

One job was enough for today

Thursday was a very, very tough day at my main job. One of the toughest in recent months.  It wasn’t so much that I had to work well beyond my quitting time, about 90 minutes extra, or that I was able to manage only a single, 10-minute break all day. It mainly was that I had to work at basically some superhuman warp speed to get everything done. I don’t like having such volatility in my workload, fortunately that doesn’t happen too often. It also was fortunate that I wasn’t scheduled at the Major Home Improvement Retailer in the evening. I was quite worn out from my shifts there on Tuesday and Wednesday, and one more shift – especially after such a tough early part of the day – would have been nearly intolerable.

Friday was a very welcome day off. I didn’t do too much in the morning, and in the early afternoon we went to the newly opened Chik-Fil-A in Port Jefferson. It was only my second visit to a CFA, the prior one having been in Tennessee in late 2014 during my drive back from Florida. There’s something about their chicken sandwiches which make them so unlike the dry-as-dust versions seen elsewhere. Later on I went to the gym, and rather than doing weights I decided to use the stationary cycle for 30 minutes.

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