Monday, January 11 – Thursday, January 14

Low key? I like it!

I’d have to say these four days were among my easier ones in quite some time. After my very busy week last week, this one was much calmer. None of these four days were at all difficult at my main job. Each day I was able to take my full allotted breaks and still left on time. In fact, on Tuesday and Thursday I actually got out quite a bit earlier than usual. Next week will be a lot more challenging, but after this easier week it shouldn’t be too hard to handle.

As it’s now well into the slow period at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, Thursday was my only midweek shift. I’m now going to be averaging about 16 hours a week, which is still pretty good and more than last year at this time. But it’s not overwhelming, which is a relief. One thing I found out when I got into the MHIR on Thursday evening is that the store manager had been fired on Monday. No one had any idea, not even the sort of people (who exist in every workplace) who always seem to know everything. There certainly wasn’t anything in the store’s performance numbers that would have justified such a drastic move.

I guess I’m getting back into Lazy Mode, as I only made it to the gym once in this period, a 35-minute elliptical session on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I ended up doing other things after work, and of course Thursday was the MHIR session.


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