Friday, January 15 – Sunday, January 17

Finally using it for real

Ah, Fridays.  My one day off each week, and, as such, something I treasure. Sure, I’d prefer to work five days a week like most people, but as that isn’t really an option given my two jobs I have to make do with a one-day “weekend.” It’s not the end of the world. This Friday was like most of them, a fairly leisurely day off with no pressing obligations. We went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for lunch and it was surprisingly good.

Saturday was, as usual, a workday at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It was a full eight-hour shift, 10 to 6:30, but it seemed much, much longer. For reasons utterly beyond my comprehension management had scheduled several people in the garden department even though there wasn’t much to be done. I found out that a big freight shipment had arrived on Friday but it had been fully packed out by the time I arrived. Drat. About the only thing that kept me from going totally bonkers is that I found out I had to do a 45-minute computer training session to complete my forklift certification. It was as dry as dust, as the computer training tends to be, but at least it was something.

Sunday was a seven-hour shift, and while for the most part it was uneventful I got to use the forklift “for real,” in other words not just in training. I moved a couple of pallets in the outside garden area, and one of them, Duraflame logs, was quite challenging because it was poorly secured and unstable. After a few rough moments I managed to do it, and the second pallet, one of topsoil, was much easier. Most satisfying.

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