Monday, January 18 – Tuesday, January 19

Oh lovely

It’s funny. The last two-week work cycle at my main job had been tough, but I figured that the one starting this week would be a lot easier. What preliminary information I had on it certainly supported that belief. When I actually got to the first worksite on Monday morning, however, I was in for a big surprise. The workload was much heavier and more complicated than I had been expecting, and I was more than a little swamped each day. On Monday I stayed 30 minutes past usual quitting time despite having skipped my morning break and having taken only ten minutes for lunch. For some time I really thought I’d be staying two or more hours late, which creates all sorts of headaches in getting overtime authorization, but fortunately things finally fell into place. Tuesday was better in the sense that I finished on time, but once again I took only a very short lunch break.  I’m hoping that the rest of the cycle is a bit easier as I become more accustomed to my tasks.

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