Monday, February 1 – Wednesday,February 3

So much for an easy start

Monday was not merely the start of a new month, but the start of a new 2-week work cycle at my main job. After having somehow survived a truly miserable cycle I was eagerly hoping for a less brutal one. And on Monday it looked as if my wishes came true. Yes, I worked about 30 minutes overtime, but that’s not all that unusual for the beginning of a cycle with its learning curve, and I took my full allotted breaks. I then went to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for a 5 to 10 shift, which was fairly busy with freight packout but otherwise well within tolerability limits.  All in all, a decent start to a new month.

Tuesday was a very very different story. Despite taking only one 10-minute break all day I didn’t get out until almost 5, which is two and a half hours past my normal quitting time. It was exhausting both physically and mentally. Once I finally finished I had to rush to the MHIR for a 6 to 10 shift, barely having time to hit the drive-thru at Wendy’s along the way. And the shift turned out to be very busy, thanks to a huge freight shipment that had arrived in the morning. You can imagine how exhausted I was. Well, in case you can’t imagine, note that I couldn’t celebrate Groundhog Day, which is of course my favorite of all holidays.

Wednesday was a better day. Thankfully. It was busy but not as off the charts insane as the previous day had been. I took a break that was only slightly shorter than usual and finished right on time. Even better, we then took a drive into Nassau County to go to Shake Shack near the Roosevelt Field Mall. Their burgers are second to none, as are their hotdogs – quite an accomplishment given that I don’t really like hotdogs!

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