Saturday, January 30 – Sunday, January 31

I was bad. On Saturday I called in sick for my 2:30 to 10 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer even though I wasn’t sick at all. Believe me, this is not my usual way of doing things. At every job I’ve ever had my attendance has always been good. But Saturday was an exception. I had worked on Friday, my usual day off, and of course the prior week at my main job had been very very tough. I simply did not have sufficient energy – and, let’s be honest, motivation – to work for almost a full shift on Saturday and therefore go two weeks without a day off. And it helped that I had enough sick time accumulated that I wouldn’t lose any pay.

With no work, I spent Saturday doing the sort of errands that I usually do on Fridays, and engaged in other vitally important activities … playing Doodle Jump, to be specific. Though on a more productive note, I managed to drag myself back to the gym. I had a back session, doing cable rows and Life Fitness high rows. No free weights work just yet, I want some transition time.

Continuing with the gym theme, I made a rare-for-me morning visit on Sunday, going around 11. This time I did chest and shoulders work, once again sticking to machines. I did Life Fitness shoulder presses, pec deck flies, and used a seated dip machine. I figure maybe another week or two with machines, then a transition back to free weights. After the gym, I had an uneventful 2:30 to 8 shift at the MHIR. Not really much going on, but that was fine by me.









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