Thursday, February 4 – Friday, February 5

Snow, the sequel

Thursday was sort of an in-between day at work. It was tougher than Wednesday had been, but not as wildly hectic (hectically wild?) as Tuesday. I stayed a bit longer than usual but did manage to take a normal lunch break. Guess that’s progress. I had some vague intentions of going to the gym after work, but the vague part rose to the forefront and I ended up doing other stuff.  That’s fine.

Unlike last week, Friday actually was a day off for me.  It’s just as well, because it was snowing quite heavily in the morning. I don’t much mind driving in snow, within reason, but I knew full well that morning traffic would be glacially slow (which I suppose would match the snow motif). My theory is that people tend to panic when they have to drive in snow not so much because it’s difficult, but because local news reports hype up even the most modest snowstorms as The Apocalypse. Of course all that end-of-the-world babble was going fast and furious for what turned out to be maybe an 8-inch snowfall. A decent amount, but hardly something that’s going to bring about TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It, in survivalist lingo). Anyway, I did some errands during the day, and in the early evening went to the gym for a back and arms session. Still machine based, but that’s fine for now as I make the transition back into free weights.


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