Monday, February 8 – Wednesday, February 10

One bad, two good

Guess that’s a decent ratio. What I’m referring to is how my days at my main job went. Monday and Wednesday were good days, I took normal breaks and finished right on time or even a bit early. Tuesday wasn’t so good, I had to work through lunch and ended up staying about 45 minutes extra. This was not due to any inefficiencies on my part, it’s just the way things were.

Now, getting to work was a bit more complicated. There was some snow in the morning on Monday, not more than an inch or so but enough – but of course! – to slow down traffic almost to a crawl at spots. If I were more knowledgeable in physics and fluid dynamics I might have been insight into how these traffic delays develop and vanish so quickly, but I’m not and I don’t. On Wednesday, the weather was okay, what wasn’t so good is that I had a flat tire while driving into work. That’s never a good situation, but it was at least semi-tolerable because I had a full-sized spare tire, a decent jack, and a tarp to spread on the ground. Not to mention the sort of job in which arriving a bit late is no huge drama.

Only one Major Home Improvement Retailer shift in this period, 6 to 10 on Wednesday. It went by pretty fast, as I helped move around the patio furniture displays that the assemblers had put together earlier in the day. Not that anyone’s going to be in the mood to buy the stuff, what with the cold weather being forecasted.

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