Monday, February 15 – Thursday, February 18

The deluge

These were not among my better days. To say the (very) least. I started a new work cycle at my main job, and I can say without hesitation that I do not remember a worse one in the nearly four years I’ve been with the company. I spoke to the regional manager about trying to rationalize the workload, and while something will get done it won’t be in time to change this nightmarish cycle. On both Monday and Tuesday I worked almost straight through, with only a single 10-minute break each day, and still had to stay about 90 minutes late each day. Trust me, there is a BIG difference between a 7-hour workday and an 81/2-hour workday. If there was any consolation it’s that my talk with the regional manager meant that I have advance overtime authorization, meaning that I don’t have to call for authorization each day. Oh, I somehow did make it to the gym on Tuesday, doing back work including more T-bar rows.

Wednesday and Thursday were utterly dreadful days. Each day I worked from 7 to 3:30 at my main job, almost no breaks of course, and then had to go to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for a 4:30 to 10 shift. Yes, that’s about a 14-hour workday. Actually 13 hours on Wednesday, as the MHIR manager let me leave at 9 instead of 10. It was a draining experience, thankfully the MHIR work was pretty easy. What a way to make (not a whole lot of) money!

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