Thursday, February 11 – Sunday, February 14

Apres moi, le deluge

Thursday was the last day of the current work cycle at my main job, and as is typical for a cycle’s last day it was quite easy. By that point I’ve picked up on the most efficient ways to complete my tasks. Even though I was at what is generally the most difficult of the four work sites on my rotation, I was able to take my allotted  breaks and still finish up a bit early. That evening I had a 6 to 10 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, and it was fairly uneventful. I met the new store manager and one of the two new assistant managers, and both seemed pleasant enough.

Friday was a typical day off, other than a late afternoon gym trip I didn’t do much of consequence. While at the gym I began my transition to using free weights, doing a few sets of T-bar rows in addition to machine work. This isn’t going to be an abrupt transition, but a gradual process. It should be easier than way.

Saturday and Sunday were scarcely weekend days for me. Saturday was a full 8-hour workday at the MHIR, Sunday “only” 71/2 hours (how easy!) Saturday wasn’t too bad. The store was quite busy, the department had an appropriate staffing level, and there was still some freight to pack out. I can deal with days like that. Sunday, unfortunately, was much worse. All the freight was done, the department was overstaffed for most of my shift, and a combination of Valentine’s Day and very cold weather meant that customers were staying away in droves. I had the distinct non-pleasure of spending almost all of the seven and a half hours just wandering around the aisles hoping against hope that customers in need of assistance would appear. Except hardly any appeared, and those who did seldom wanted any help. Forget the clock, the shift seemed about 12 hours long. About the only good thing on Sunday is that I went to the gym before work and did some barbell bench presses, getting up to four reps at 225. I also did some machine work.

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