Monday, February 22 – Thursday, February 25

The second time is not the charm

These four days were really two sets of two days each, with each set completely unlike the other. Monday and Tuesday were pretty easy days. Thankfully so, as I was still rundown from all the work I’d been doing. I wasn’t scheduled at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, and my main job was fairly sedate each day. Although I’m still in a very tough work cycle, because Monday started the second week of the cycle I reaped some learning-curve benefits. It also helped that the workplace for these two days is arguably the least troublesome of the four on my current cycle. I didn’t do too much either evening, still being in recovery mode.

Wednesday and Thursday were back to the abyss. Okay, they weren’t as bad as they could have been, given that my main job was easy enough. I actually was able to leave about 45 minutes early on Wednesday. What made these days difficult is that I was back to the Major Home Improvement Retailer each evening. Wednesday was 4:30 to 10 and Thursday a (very) slightly easier 5 to 10. Wednesday was the busier of the two shifts, with quite a large amount of freight to handle. This included using the forklift to place two large rectangular boxes containing rakes and shovels – boxes known as “coffins” – in the overhead storage. Doing so required me to maneuver in a rather narrow aisle, something I’d prefer not to do, but the trainer wanted me to try. It was awkward at first, and more than a little scary, but somehow I got it done. Thursday’s shift was less hectic, which was good because I was completely exhausted. If I’d been asked to use the forklift I would have had to decline.

One thing I can say is that the next two weeks should be a lot easier. The upcoming work cycle at my main job won’t be quite as difficult as the last one, and I’ll be working fewer hours at the MHIR (12 and 10.5 respectively) now that some new people have completed training and the seasonal pickup hasn’t yet begun. I won’t be making quite as much money but I won’t be running myself ragged either. Now there’ll be no excuse not to go back to the gym or even hot yoga.

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