Monday, February 29 – Thursday, March 3

Leap Year Day’s the start of something good

Relief, at long last. After going through some very tough work cycles at my main job, the one which started on Monday – Leap Year Day – is as easy as pie (and what’s with that expression, pies aren’t always easy to make). Instead of being in the “It’s an hour until quitting time and I still have a mountain of work to do” situation, it was more like “I’ve only been here a couple hours and most of my work is done.” As there’s a limit on how early I can skedaddle, I tried to work at a slower pace each day (easier said than done) and made sure to take my allotted breaks. It’s a nice reprieve, after the tough cycles I’ve had, albeit a temporary one. The next cycle, starting in two weeks, won’t be anywhere near as easy.

Complementing the easy pace at my main job is the seasonal slowdown at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Wednesday was my only shift during this stretch, and it was a 6pm to 10pm shift. These 4-hour shifts are like nothing, they seem to breeze by and are over quickly. For some reason, the five and a half hour ones like I’ve had recently seem far longer. There’s something about four hours that sets out a sharp boundary between “easy” and “hard.” Your guess is as good as mine.

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