Friday, March 4 – Sunday, March 6

Wow. An actual, for real, two-day weekend. I’m so used to having just Fridays off that it was almost surrealistic to have Saturday off as well. Yes, I know, fewer hours working at the Major Home Improvement Retailer means less money, but I consider this a much-needed break. In any event, my hours will pick up soon enough as we get into the spring planting season.

Now, I’d like to say that I used my days off wisely, instead of just goofing off, but of course that’s entirely untrue. What sort of bothers me is that I did not go to the gym at all. I’m definitely suffering from a lack of motivation. Still, it’s no cause for panic, I’ve been un-motivated before and have always returned to the fold, so to speak.

Sunday was a workday at the MHIR, a full 8-hour day in fact. Friday’s and Saturday’s idleness gave way to some fairly hectic activity. The store was busy, there was some freight to pack out, the outside garden area had to be prepped for the season, yet for all that I was one of only two people on duty in the department for much of the shift. At least it made for a fast eight hours.

Next up on the Kindle reading list is 13 Hours by Mitchell Zukoff, an account of the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack that’s of course become a major political football. It focuses not on the political and policy aspects of the attack, but on the actual fighting as experienced by the security forces on-scene. Quite gripping, and a surprisingly fast read.

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