Monday, March 21 – Wednesday March 23

Into the mist

Yes, I enjoyed these three days (mostly) off from work. Just the freedom from the tyranny of the alarm clock is to be savored. Though speaking of which, I was less than enthused to find out that on two upcoming Saturdays, April 2 and 9, I’m scheduled to start at the Major Home Improvement Retailer at the barbaric, inhuman hour of 5 am!! That is going to be horrible, just horrible. Especially on the ninth, as it’s the start of a full 8-hour shift (on the second it’s fortunately only a 4-hour one). What I cannot understand is the rationale behind having me start so ridiculously early. The employee who had started that early on weekends, who is now in a different department, was responsible for bringing in pallets of garden supplies such as mulch and topsoil from the outside storage area. To do so he used a large propane-powered forklift. As I’m certified to use only a smaller electric forklift I cannot do that task.

Anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t gripe too much about things not happening for a while. I had three nice leisurely days. The only work was on Tuesday, when I did an easy 4:30 to 8:30 stint at the MHIR, mostly freight packout. It was one of those shifts that was over practically before it began. Monday and Wednesday were gym trips, back on Monday and lower body on Wednesday. I almost didn’t go on Wednesday because of a headache but forced myself. That’s a good sign, maybe my determination isn’t all gone.

Lately I’ve been getting into the “Unresolved Mysteries” forum on Reddit. Mostly these are cases of people who’ve vanished into thin air without a trace. I have no interest in mystery fiction at all, but the true-life cases are a different story. It’s hard to believe that people can disappear these days, but it happens.

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