Monday, April 11 – Thursday, April 14

Good and bad

These days have been a combination of good and bad. Obviously not the optimal situation, but not the worst either. The good part is that my main job has been so amazingly easy this work cycle I sometimes think that I haven’t done enough to deserve my pay: “I’m getting paid for this?” But of course actual guilt would be misplaced, as I’ve done more than enough difficult cycles to outweigh this easy one. Speaking of which, I got some additional information about the upcoming one,  and while it’s going to be much harder than the current one it probably won’t be the nightmare I had feared. Hopefully.

As for the “bad” part, I worked two evening shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer and they were no walk in the park. Monday I did 7pm to 11pm, and for some reason was assigned to the freight team rather than garden. I’ve done freight before, and it isn’t too bad so long as there hasn’t been a big shipment during the day. It should go completely without saying that there had been a big shipment during the day on Monday. Of course there had. In fairness, the work load wasn’t overwhelming, it’s just that I was still worn out from the early weekend shifts and really was struggling for the last hour or so.

I had no MHIR shifts on Tuesday, which was very fortunate as I was full of aches and pains after three shifts three days in a row. We made a late afternoon trip to the Walt Whitman Mall – sorry, the Shops at Walt Whitman – a quite upscale mall about 40 minutes away. How  upscale? There were four cars on display in the center court, not all together, and they were a Lexus, an Acura, an Audi, and a Range Rover. No econoboxes allowed!

Wednesday was another MHIR shift, this time a long one from 5:30 t0 11. I was back in garden, which meant more bags of mulch to hoist and carry. Ouch. I also had to water the outside plants, which left me thoroughly soaked because the hose nozzle I had to use had a very leaky connection. Understand, just because the MHIR sells hoses and nozzles doesn’t mean we have decent ones for employee use. It’s like the old joke of how the barber’s kid has the worst haircut in school.

Fortunately I had no MHIR work on Thursday. By this point I was so full of aches and pains that I needed the evening to recuperate. Any plans to go to the gym, well they just had to wait.


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