Friday, May 6 – Sunday, May 8

It was fortunate that Friday was my day off from work, because it was most definitely a low-energy day. Meaning I didn’t do much of anything, assuming you don’t count playing endless games of Doodle Jump. It also marked two weeks until our Alaskan cruise, adding to the sense of “wow, this is happening soon!” It’s funny, being that I’ve never been on a cruise before I really don’t have much of a handle on what to expect. Hearing about what the cruise experience is like is one thing, but actually going through it is the only real way to know. It was sort of like when I was going through the online forklift training at the Major Home Improvement Retailer – helpful, but absolutely no substitute for actually getting on the contraption and operating it.

Speaking of the MHIR, Saturday and Sunday were almost full shifts, but not quite. Each shift was seven hours and 45 minutes rather than a full eight hours. I can’t figure that out. Working five hours and 45 minutes as I sometimes do, that makes sense, as company policy requires a lunch break for anyone working six or more hours. But these two slightly reduced shifts are another story. Whatever the case, both were relatively tolerable as such things go, working mostly inside and making some decent sales. People are buying lawnmowers like crazy, I guess their old ones aren’t able to get through another season.

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