Monday, May 9 – Thursday, May 12

A’s and B’s

I’ve mentioned that  I have A days and B days at my main job. The first of the two days I spend at each work site is the A day, and the second is (duh) the B day. Usually my work cycles are designed so that the amount of work on each type of day is roughly equivalent. Last week, the first week of the current cycle, I was able to rearrange things after a very tough Monday so that the rest of the week was more tolerable.

Not so this week. Never before in my almost three years with this company have I ever experienced such a vast canyon of difference between the A’s and B’s. On Monday and Wednesday I had to work almost entirely nonstop from about 6:30 (I came in early) to about 3:30 to have a hope of finishing the work. Like the case the prior Monday, it took hours before I could see any glimmer of progress. Now, in sharp contrast, on Tuesday and Thursday I took long breaks and still was done by noon. I know, the obvious question is why didn’t I just reallocate some A day work to the B days, but after doing some such reallocation last week I got the word from On High that it wouldn’t be possible any more. Ugh.

I had two four-hour shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, a 4:30 t0 8:30 on Tuesday and a 7 to 11 on Wednesday. Fortunately Tuesday’s early start was on a B day at the other job, meaning I was able to have a bit of a break between jobs. Rushing from one to the other isn’t pleasant. Neither shift was especially difficult. Tuesday I did most normal sales stuff, inside more than outside, while I spent almost all of Wednesday’s shift watering the plants outside the store – a nice task for letting time pass quickly.

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