Friday, May 13 – Thursday, May 19

The Storm Before the Calm

I’ll compress six days into one entry because they all sort of blend together into a blur. In any event, I’m writing this entry using the somewhat dubious quality satellite Internet on the Explorer of the Seas. Which means that things finally turned out better.

Basically, the week leading up to the cruise was a brutal one, in which the Major Home Improvement Retailer worked me like a gallery slave (nothing like a nautical metaphor) and my main job was no piece of cake. Friday was, as normal, a day off, but it was hard for me to enjoy it given what I knew was coming. Still, I tried.

Saturday and Sunday were both full 8-hour shifts at the MHIR. Both were early starts, 7 and 8 respectively. I spent a good part of each shift watering the plants in the apron in front of the store and in the corral set up in the parking lot. Plant watering sounds easy but really isn’t. Many of the plants are packed tightly onto multishelf racks, making it difficult to get all of them. I also had to work around the customers and make sure that the hoses didn’t present a tripping hazard. When I wasn’t on watering duty I was dealing with customers and trying to get caught up with freight packout. At least the fact that the shifts were so busy made them go by at a decent pace. Funny how those time perceptions work.

Monday through Wednesday were three absolutely nightmarish days. The new cycle at my main job proved to be much harder than expected, hard enough that I had to stay about 30 minutes extra each day. While normally that’s not a huge difference, it was quite an ordeal these three days because each day I had to work 4:30 to 11 at the MHIR. Ugh.

As for the MHIR shifts, they weren’t too bad, mostly varied duties including more watering, they were just too long after all the time at my main job each day. I was left utterly drained. While there thankfully was no MHIR on Thursday, I had to scramble to pack and do all the other stuff prepatory to going away for 10 days.  This cruise couldn’t have come soon enough!

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