Saturday, June 11 – Tuesday, June 14

Return to normalcy, with a delay

After all that’s been going on over the past few weeks, I was hoping that Saturday would be the day that things finally got back to normal. I was scheduled for an 11 to 7:30 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer and was really hoping for a regular routine day.

Of course, nothing of the sort happened. I had been feeling very tired and weak as I went into work, and literally within a few minutes of starting my energy was ebbing at an almost frightening rate. If I can just make it until my break at 1, I said to myself, I’ll be able to “recharge” enough to make it through my shift. By 12:30, just 90 minutes into the shift, it became obvious I wouldn’t last until 1, in fact I could barely stand upright. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage things I took my break at 12:30, figuring that going early would be okay if it enabled me to get through the shift.

No dice. When my 15 minutes were up I knew I’d never make it through the shift, so I sought out the manager and told him I had to leave. Staffing in the garden department was quite high, so I’m sure they managed without me. Not that I was any good in my present shape. It probably was the flu that I had, it was bad enough that I basically lay around for the rest of the day and wasn’t able to eat anything at all. Sunday I was quite a bit better, and probably could have made it through my scheduled 6-hour shift, but in an abundance of caution decided to call out. What that means is that my next paycheck on Friday will be for a grand total of two hours of work. Mercedes or BMW?

Monday and Tuesday were much better days. I was back to full strength, or close to it, and had two busy but tolerable days at my main job. It really was good to get back. Not that I’ll be back for too long, as I have the week of June 27 off due to the upcoming holiday. It actually works out well, as I’ll have to make another quick trip to Florida to handle some business issues. On Tuesday I had a 6 to 11 MHIR shift, and after an extremely hectic first hour it was a pretty decent, steadily paced shift. Yay.

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