Monday, June 20 – Friday, June 24

The break will be greatly appreciated

After this week I’ll be having a week off from my main job as the holiday approaches. That’s a good thing, as we have to fly down to Florida on Monday the 27th and then drive back a car that I’ll be picking up. I’ve driven to and from Florida a number of times, but not within the past decade. I’m not dreading the experience, but I’m not jumping for joy in anticipation. The fact that we’ll be on the road on Wednesday and Thursday, just before the start of the Fourth of July long weekend, may not be a good thing. Hopefully there won’t be too many people on the road until Friday, after we get back. Hopefully.

Another reason why it’ll be good to have a week off from my main job is that the work cycle that began on Monday is a very tough one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had worse, but this one is really, really hard. I had to stay two hours extra on Monday and one hour extra on Wednesday despite minimal breaks. There were some complications getting overtime authorization, so I’m hoping that the overtime will be reflected in my next paycheck, rather than being delayed another two weeks. Tuesday and Thursday weren’t as bad, while I had to minimize my breaks I was able to leave on time.

Only one Major Home Improvement Retailer shift during this period, four hours on Tuesday evening. It wasn’t bad, mostly freight packout. The store wasn’t busy, but the customers who were there all seemed to have many questions. Hopefully my answers weren’t too far off the mark. Friday was a day off, but I didn’t do much.

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