Monday, August 1 – Thursday, August 4

It’s over, but not really over

Tuesday was the much anticipated/dreaded annual inventory at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Based on last year’s timing I knew that a preliminary result would be available by 7pm, when I arrived for my 4-hour shift. When I walked into the break room and saw a big spread of food and cake, I knew right away that the results were good. Bad results = no food.

Something I also found out pretty quickly is that the end of the inventory did not mean that my work was going to get any easier. It turned out that a Big Boss would be making a store inspection tour later in the week and of course there’d have to be a massive cleanup and organization before he or she arrived. What that all meant, as you’ve undoubtedly deduced by now, is that I had to spend my shift running around like crazy cleaning and organizing. It was bad enough on Tuesday, when I worked from 7 to 11pm, and worse on Wednesday when I was there from 5:30 to 11. And did I mention that my work was in the outside garden area, fully exposed to the steamy heat? Again, that should go without saying.

Still, these days weren’t all bad. My main job was easy, what with it being the second week of an easy cycle, in fact I was able to leave about an hour early each day. I also went to the gym on Monday and Thursday evenings, still getting back into the swing of things with mostly machine work.

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Victoria, British Columbia was one of the ports of call on our cruise last May, and it was a very nice city. Definitely one I’d like to visit again. Yet in November 2012 Victoria was the site of a baffling disappearance, when 26-year-old Emma Filipoff vanished right after talking with two police officers. Here’s the Wikipedia article on the case, with links to other sources:

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