Monday, August 8 – Thursday, August 11

Well, that was (mostly) easy

Monday marked the start of a new 2-week work cycle at my main job. I had been rather concerned about it, as the sheer volume of what I would have to accomplish each day looked really, really daunting. When I went in on Monday morning I was expecting to have to skip breaks and still have to stay late. Not a happy prospect on a Monday.

I certainly was wrong. Everything went much quicker than I would have dared to hope. Even with normal breaks I was done 45 minutes early on Monday, two hours early on Tuesday, and a nearly unprecedented three hours early on Wednesday. I actually had to call a higher-up to make sure that I’d still get paid for a full day. Thursday was a day off, as I had to attend to some matters.

I had a 5-hour Major Home Improvement Retailer shift on Tuesday and a 4-hour on Thursday. They were distinctly less easy than my main job had been. Tuesday there was a mountain of freight, which usually makes a shift go quickly, but for reasons I can’t explain it was interminable. Thursday would have been easier, but I had a lot of stuff to do in the outside garden area and it was very hot and humid.

Monday and Wednesday were both gym days, still doing mostly machine work but making progress. What I’m thinking is that maybe I’ll stick with machines for another month or two before transitioning back to free weights. I know, free weights are generally better, but it’s not a huge difference despite what some people claim.

Mystery tale: the case of Lori Erica Kennedy Ruff is truly baffling. After she shot herself in 2010, following a long spell of very strange behavior, her husband found to his shock that the woman he had married and with whom he had a child was not whom he thought she was. In fact, despite extensive investigations, her true identity, age and birthplace remain unknown. Here’s a somewhat mediocre Wikipedia article with links to better sources:


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