Monday, August 15 – Thursday, August 18

I can’t let myself get used to this

Last week was a pretty easy week at my main job. One of the easiest I’ve had, in fact. It’s usually the case that the second week of a two-week work cycle is easier than the first. Well, this was the second week, and the usual case prevailed. Everything went so quickly and easily it hardly seemed like I was working at all. Monday was the easiest day of all, I was done in only three hours, and the other ones weren’t much worse. All in all I worked about 20 hours all week compared to my scheduled 28. And yes, I get paid for all 28.

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately this schedule may be among them. I got a look at the next work cycle, and while it doesn’t seem too bad it won’t be as easy-peasy as this one. Really, though, that’s okay. Having a very easy cycle come along only every so often makes it a special treat. Would you want to have Dom Perignon champagne and beluga caviar every day?

I had only one Major Home Improvement Retailer shift, a 5-hour on Wednesday. Due to some sort of computer error the store had gotten about double its usual freight shipments, and the receiving area was almost completely full. This led to a major campaign to pack out freight, and as there weren’t too many customers in the department I spent almost the entire shift on freight. Doing so is basically a good news/bad news sort of deal. The good news is that the shift went by very quickly, the bad news is that it was often exhausting work. I’d better get used to it, as the extra freight shipments are likely to continue for several weeks. Why the computer error can’t be fixed, I have no idea and asking management probably would be a bad idea.

I made three gym trips, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Monday I did chest and shoulders work, and for the first time in too long did some reasonably serious bench presses. I managed four reps at 225, several less than I’ve done in the past but a step in the right direction. Tuesday was back work, with cable rows having more or less become my exercise of choice. Even though the cable station is a machine, cable rows are basically a form of free weights as the cable is very similar to dumbbells in its effects on one’s muscles. Thursday was leg work, something I’ve sorely neglected for too long, and for that reason I stuck with machines.

True-life Mystery of the Week:
It’s well after midnight on May 14, 2008. Brandon Swanson of Marshall, Minnesota (home of Red Baron frozen pizza) is driving back home after a social gathering in a nearby town, having celebrated his graduation from a solar energy training program. He’s driving on an unlit dirt farming road rather than the main road, probably because he’d had a bit too much to drink and feared getting stopped by the police.

Brandon’s car gets hopelessly stuck. In what must have been an extremely awkward conversation, he calls his father and asks him to pick him up outside a restaurant. Brandon must have thought he was in the restaurant’s vicinity when his car was actually stuck 20 miles away. This isn’t so surprising as the land around Marshall is flat, largely featureless farming country with no landmarks.

For the next 47 minutes, Brandon stays on the phone with his father, describing the route he’s following (“I’m crossing a fence line, now walking along  dirt road”), that sort of thing. Then Mr. Swanson hears Brandon exclaim “Oh [bowel movement],” the call gets cut off, and there’s never been a trace of Brandon seen ever since. The police launched a massive search, with no luck. Given that it’s open country that’s easy to search, and that Brandon must have been within a 47-minute walk of the spot where his car turned up, you’d think he would have been found quickly dead or alive. But no, it’s as if he vanished into thin air.

Searching for Brandon


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