Monday, August 22 – Thursday, August 25

A week that will live in infamy

Okay, that’s my historical reference for today. This was a just-plain-awful week at my main job. I knew that this work cycle would be tough. I did not know just how tough. The number and extent of the tasks I had to do were way beyond what could even remotely qualify as reasonable, and it’s not as if I could omit any. Monday, ironically enough, was the best – okay, least bad – day out of the four, even though the first day of a cycle is usually a challenge. I was able to take a lunch break, albeit a somewhat abbreviated one, and only had to stay about 15 minutes beyond normal quitting time. I can deal with that, right?

It got worse. Much worse. Tuesday I worked almost nonstop for an hour past the usual time, with only a very short break or two. Wednesday and Thursday were both 90+ minutes overtime and of course no meaningful breaks. I’m hoping against hope that next week will be easier, which may indeed be the case as I’ll be at less problematic sites.

Despite working extra time on Tuesday I had to work at the Major Home Improvement Retailer in the evening. Fortunately it was only a 4-hour shift, 7 to 11. In an unusual step, I got sent to a different store, not too far away, as they were swamped with freight. It made for a decent change of pace. Most of the actual work was garden freight packout, which of course is hardly uncommon for me, but being at the different store made things more interesting. I was supposed to work on Thursday evening but ended up calling out sick. I was just too physically beat out from the main job. I have my limits.

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