Tuesday, September 6 – Friday, September 9

Like a breath of fresh air

After the last wretched work cycle at my main job I really needed a break. Fortunately, Lady Luck took a liking to me, and this new cycle much easier. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t super easy or anything, in fact it probably was tougher than average, but after the last one it paled in comparison. I was able to leave about a half-hour early on Tuesday and Wednesday, worked until the usual quitting time on Thursday, and left around 45 minutes early on Friday. In what might be even better, I was able to take my full allotted breaks each day. Having to work without a break makes things all that much worse.

Tuesday was my only Major Home Improvement Retailer shift during these days, and it was only a four-hour one. I had thought there would be a huge amount of freight, what with the holiday on Monday, but what little had arrived during the day had been packed out by the time I arrived at 7. With relatively few customers in the store I did a lot of straightening-up work in the aisle and was able to catch up on my online training.

Today’s mystery: Dorothy Jane Scott. In May of 1980 she was a 32-year-old secretary for what was basically a head shop in Anaheim, amusingly located near Disneyland’s main entrance. Despite the odd nature of the business Scott herself was a very quiet, religious and conservative person, and because she worked in the back office she had little contact with customers. One thing that bothered her is that she occasionally got calls at work from a man whose voice sounded vaguely familiar but which she just couldn’t place, with the caller sometimes being creepy and sometimes making outright threats.

Scott was at an evening work meeting on May 28 when one of her co-workers became very ill. Scott drove him to a nearby hospital with another worker accompanying them. It turned out that he had been bitten by a black widow, of all things. When the ill co-worker was discharged about 11pm, he waited along with the other co-worker at the emergency department entrance for Scott to get her car from the hospital lot. After a too-long wait of about ten minutes Scott’s car came out of the lot at a high rate of speed and zoomed right past the co-workers without stopping. Because the high beams were on it wasn’t possible to see who was in the car. A few hours later the car turned up on fire about ten minutes away, with no sign of Scott.

The strangest part was yet to come. Almost every Wednesday for the next four years, a man with an obviously disguised voice called Scott’s parents, sometimes saying that he was holding her captive and sometimes that he had murdered her. At one point he called a newspaper editor and gave some details that the police had never publicly revealed. Police attempts to trace the calls were unsuccessful because the caller never spoke long enough to allow for a successful trace using the technology of the time.

Four years after the disappearance Scott’s partial skeleton turned up in some roadside brush elsewhere in Anaheim. There was a dog’s skeleton on top of her bones. It was not possible to determine when Scott had died or the precise cause of death. The caller made two more calls to her parents, each time asking simply “Is Dorothy there?” After more than 30 years the caller has never been identified and the case remains unsolved.


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