Friday, September 23 – Sunday, September 25

Friday was the day I finally got to take my new-to-me rifle to the range. To recap, it’s a Swedish Mauser 96 bolt action in 6.5×55 caliber. For an old gun, built way back in 1916, it shot very well. I was using a target at 50 yards and got more than half of the 42 rounds I fired on-target. Yes, that’s rather bad in absolute terms, but keep in mind I’m an inexperienced shooter and I was firing from a standing position rather than seated at a bench like almost everyone else. One thing I found is that the 5-round magazine feeds better if loaded with four rounds. That’s fine by me. I’d have to say that the rifle stood out amidst all the AR-style “black rifles” at the range and a couple people came over to compliment me on it.

Not that Friday was all fun. I had to go to the county office building, which fortunately is not far from the range, to get some out-of-state estate documents notarized. Ordinary notaries like those at banks won’t touch such things. I ended up getting shuffled from office to office until finally getting the things notarized at the Surrogates Court. Never would I have expected such a runaround.

Saturday and Sunday were both fairly long but not full shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Saturday was five hours and 45 minutes, while Sunday was six hours. Because working six hours triggers a 30-minute lunch break I actually worked 15 minutes less on Sunday despite the ostensibly longer shift. I had my annual review on Saturday, which as I expected was positive except for one minor thing, which was that I don’t always approach customers to ask if they need help. As I explained to the manager, my time in the straight commission life insurance pyramid scam has made me gun shy (to continue with the firearms theme) of being a pushy salesman type. Guess I’ll have to try to overcome this reticence, which shouldn’t be hard. Sunday marked the start of new assignment sheets for garden workers, in which everyone has a list of relatively minor tasks to complete and check off. It doesn’t seem too bad.

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