Monday, October 10 – Thursday, October 13

Playing hooky (not that I had a choice)

Getting back to work at my regular job after my short Midwestern road trip was a harder adjustment than it should have been. It’s not like I had been away for weeks or anything, we’re talking a 3-day trip and only one missed day from work (the prior Thursday). But oh, what a struggle it was to drag myself through Monday. Seemed endless. What didn’t help is that the current work cycle is miserable. Just so much volume of work, the only faint hint of hope is that the next one should be more tolerable.

Tuesday was basically a repeat of Monday, with the added burden of a 4:30 to 8:30 shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It was during the latter work that it finally became obvious why I was dragging: I began coughing and developing a sore throat, sure signs that I was getting a cold. What joy!

Wednesday morning I was really miserable, but somehow – it wasn’t easy – I was able to drag myself into my main job. Probably the only reason I was able to slog through the day was that it was near the end of the cycle and I had it pretty well down pat. Even so, with my cold the way it was I had a tough time, and very reluctantly I had no choice but to call out for my 5 to 9:30 MHIR shift. There was no way I could have worked those hours. What made this a reluctant decision is that I didn’t have enough sick time to cover the four and a half hours (it’s not as if we get a huge amount), so I’ll probably get charged with a “unexcused absence.” Sorry, I don’t care. Taking the evening off enable me to recharge, so to speak, for Thursday at my main job, which was somewhat difficult but mostly tolerable.

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  1. In the most recent episode of Family Guy, Brian gets a job at Mega Hardware and he wears an orange vest to work.

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