Monday, October 24- Thursday, October 27

Busy, busy

Much to report on for these days. First of all, the workload at my main job did not follow the usual pattern. I’ve noted many times that the second week of a 2-week work cycle is generally easier than the first week. Learning curve and all that. It was different this time. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were a lot more hectic than the prior week had been. No getting out early, in fact I stayed a bit late each day except Thursday. I cannot really explain why this was so. Tuesday was quite different, as I was on a special project. That day was the worst of all, as I had to stay almost two hours late. Fortunately, the project should be a one-time thing. I hope.

Thursday was my only shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. It was a long one, 4:30 to 10, and I was back on lot duty. As it was raining for most of the time I tried to keep my cart-wrangling trips to a minimum. This wasn’t hard, as the rain did a pretty good job keeping customers away, but on the downside it made for a very dull, slow-moving shift.

On a much better note, I’ve finally made my return to the gym. That ever-elusive sprite Enthusiasm hasn’t made a complete return, but at least isn’t entirely absent. Be thankful for small things. My new routine, which I found after some online research, is based on doing a variety of different exercises for three sets of 12 using relatively light weights. I’m not accustomed to that tempo, as normally I do sets of no more than eight. Hopefully I will find it to my liking. I did upper-body work on Monday, legs and back on Wednesday, and on Tuesday did some work on the stationary cycle. There have been false starts recently, but just maybe this time will be the charm.

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