Monday, October 31 – Thursday, November 3

Do they count as days off? No, I didn’t think so.

My spell of easy weeks at the Major Home Improvement Retailer came to a crashing end this week. Every day, Monday through Thursday, I worked from 4:30 pm to 10 pm, and in the lot rather than my usual spot in the garden department. Vacation coverage, as it turned out. Now, I knew in advance that working both jobs for four days in a row would be a bit too much, so I had decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from my main job. I figured I could tough out working both jobs on Monday and on Thursday. It’s a lot easier to get time off from the main job than from the MHIR.

All in all it was a smart idea. Monday wasn’t as bad as I had feared, as it started a new cycle at my main job and it is a reasonable workload. I finished up about 1:30 and therefore had three hours between jobs. Thursday was a bit tougher, as I worked until 2:30 and then ran into some traffic getting back, but knowing that a mostly free weekend would follow made it much more tolerable.

As for the MHIR shifts, they were fairly long at five and a half hours, but I got into a pretty decent routine for getting through them. I spent the first hour or so getting the carts in order, and then had a fairly easy time for the balance of the shift. Monday was especially easy as it was Halloween and the store was pretty empty. Which made working both jobs that day more tolerable than would otherwise have been the case. On Tuesday and Wednesday I took advantage of the partial days off to make gym trips. My progress isn’t lightning fast, but I’m getting there.

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