Monday, November 14 – Thursday, November 17

Winding down, for sure

Monday marked the beginning of the last full 2-week work cycle of 2016 at my main job. Following this cycle, which will be split in two by my week off for Thanksgiving, there will be a one-week cycle to clear up loose ends, and then I’m off for three weeks. Of course I’ll be working fairly long hours at the Major Home Improvement Retailer for much of this time. If the past two years are any guide things will finally slow down about a week before Christmas.

Which isn’t to say that the work cycle which began on Monday is anything close to a normal cycle. It was more like an I’m-done-so-early-can-I-really-leave-now sort of thing. Really just minimal tasks. Needless to say I’m quite pleased with this turn of events after all the very difficult ones I’ve had. This is doubly true now that my MHIR hours have gotten long. I worked 4:30 to 9:30 on both Monday and Wednesday. Five-hour shifts aren’t as bad as 8’s, but they’re still no walk in the park. Each shift consisted mainly of keeping the Christmas lights and ornaments stocked. Even with well over a month until Christmas people are buying big quantities, which makes sense as they do tend to sell out as the holiday approaches.

Tuesday and Thursday were gym trips. After having been so bad about going for so long I’m finally getting back into a more regular routine and, hopefully, seeing a bit of progress. One thing I’ve noticed is that the gym seems more crowded than usual, which can be a drawback if I want to bench press. For utterly inexplicable reasons they have only two flat bench stations, even a recent major expansion didn’t add any. In a month or so an LA Fitness is opening up around a mile away, I’m not sure what effect that’s going to have on the gym’s business. From what I’ve heard, LA Fitness gyms have excellent amenities but can be costly, with various combinations of initiation fees and monthly dues and contract lengths. The current gym has a far simpler, and much more transparent, pricing structure.

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