Monday, November 28 -Thursday, December 8

The compressed blur

I’ve compressed this time period into one entry because it’s basically just one big blur to me. It was the end of the year at my main job, prior to the 3-week seasonal break, and any hopes that it would have been an easy end soon were dashed on the metaphorical rocks of reality. It’s not that there was a huge amount of work on the schedule, especially for the second week, it’s that I had to play catch-up with tasks that I hadn’t had time to do over the past couple months. None of them were big tasks, they just added up. In truth, they were pretty easy in absolute terms, but as I was in winding-down mode they seemed to loom large. But eventually everything got done, and my much-anticipated break began.

As for the Major Home Improvement Retailer, suffice to say that I was less of a sentiment being and more of a programmed automaton during these two weeks. I did 8-hour shifts on each Saturday and Sunday, and two 5-hour evening shifts each week. Most of the time I was in the tree lot, which fortunately is the sort of work that I can do pretty much by rote. Greet the customers, ask if they want me to turn any trees around so they can get 360 views, trim the bases as requested, tie onto vehicles, rinse and repeat. And repeat. The work can be physically demanding, but I found that time seemed to go fairly fast. Still, there’s no getting around the fact that I worked very long hours these two weeks.

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