Tuesday, January 3 – Thursday, January 12

Back to work with a bang!

Well that’s an example of not easing back into things. After the 3-week break I went back to my main job on Tuesday, hoping that I’d have an easy cycle to get accustomed to the work. After all, the company wouldn’t make me (metaphorically) jump into the deep end, right?

You already know where this is going. I was absolutely bombarded with work, to the point that even with skipped breaks I had to stay at least an hour late most days. I kept asking myself why I was undergoing this trial by fire, and of course coming up with no plausible answers. It’s not that I was being singled out, other people at other work sites were going through the same thing, but that didn’t make it any easier. If there’s any consolation, it’s that I will be doing a special group project for a couple of weeks once this cycle ends, and from what I’ve heard it will be tolerable. And different.

What with the seasonal slowdown I worked only eight hours this period at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, four hours on Saturday the 7th and four hours on Sunday the 8th. Saturday was extremely busy because it was snowing at a pretty good clip. People were rushing in to buy shovels and ice melt and firewood. Best of all, people bought almost all the snowblowers in stock, and they’re big ticket items. Nothing like a good snowfall to drive business. Sunday was quieter but still moderately busy.

Several more gym trips, and I seem to be gradually getting back to where I was before I got lazy. I’m not tracking everything, but one thing I did note is that on Thursday the 12th I was able to get six reps at 225 on bench press, an accomplishment I haven’t done in a year.

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