Friday, January 20 – Sunday, January 22


It was a relatively quiet weekend before my upcoming trip to Florida. Friday was mainly a do-nothing day, except for a pretty decent gym trip. I’ve decided to go with dips rather than bench presses as my main upper-body exercise, somehow they just feel more effective, and managed a quite respectable 5 x 5. I’m still doing them at just bodyweight, once I get up to doing multiple sets of 8 I will consider adding weight with the dip belt. For now, though,bodyweight will suffice.

Saturday and Sunday both had 4-hour shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Although these are the winter doldrums, I was moderately busy both shifts as I was alone in the department. I suspect that during the upcoming busy season in the garden department I may not have quite as many hours as I did last year. The usual rule in the store is that each department has two full-time workers, one of whom is the department head, with the rest of the staffing being comprised of part-timers. Because garden is the largest and busiest department there are normally three full-timers. This year, however, there are four full-timers, which would mean fewer hours for part-timers like me. I actually can’t complain too much, as last spring’s 24- and 26-hour weeks were a real burden. If I drop down to an average of 16 or 20 it’ll be fine.

As I worked fairly early in the day on Sunday I made another gym trip. This time I did back work, for which one-arm dumbbell rows have become my go-to exercise. They seem to hit my muscles better than barbell or T-bar rows, and (unfortunately) I just can’t do enough reps on pull-ups to make that exercise worthwhile. Also on Sunday, I changed my Florida flight from Monday to Tuesday on account of stormy weather forecast for Monday. It really doesn’t matter, I’m going there to take care of some real estate issues and one less day won’t make a difference.

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  1. nice story

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