Monday, January 23 – Friday, January 27

Off to the Sunshine State

It turned out that postponing my departure to Florida hadn’t been necessary at all. There had been supposed to be near- hurricane force winds and heavy rains on Monday, but by what would have been my flight’s departure at 11am it was just slightly breezy with light rain. It was okay, there had been no charge for changing the date and I was able to get in another gym trip. Just some light machine work this time. One thing I found out that a new powder-form supplement I’m taking, Optimal Nutrition Amino Power in green apple flavor, forms one of the most delicious tastes I’ve ever had when mixed with Vitamin Water Zero lemonade flavor.  The things you learn …

Flying down on Tuesday was easy enough. I took Southwest Airlines from Long Island MacArthur, nice and convenient to me, and flew to Baltimore, then made an easy connection to West Palm Beach. Both flights were fairly full, I had a middle seat  each time, but I didn’t mind much. I read pretty much all of the in-flight magazine, and was quite amused by an “advertorial” for a baseball cap lined with laser diodes that’s a miracle cure for hair loss. All for the low low price of $799! Once I got to West Palm Beach there was a rather unpleasantly long wait at the Dollar Rent-a-Car counter thanks to a couple of rather cantankerous customers ahead of me, but given that I paid less than $80 for a 4-day rental I can’t complain too much. The car I got was a 2016 Volkswagen Jetta, which was really nice, and which had a very powerful turbo engine.

My four days in Florida were, truth to tell, a bit on the dull side. It took less time than anticipated to take care of the business matters that prompted my trip, and I don’t really know anyone down there. Not to mention that my only online access was using my phone via 4G. The highlight was on Wednesday, when I drove about 90 minutes to South Beach, an area I’ve heard a lot about but never saw. My opinion is that the Art Deco architecture is very impressive, but the traffic is miserable. Glad I went, though.

Getting back on Friday evening was a bit of a challenge. My flight from West Palm Beach to Baltimore was delayed almost an hour by mechanical issues, which meant that I’d be cutting it very, very close for my connection to Long Island. Which was of course the last connecting flight of the day. Fortunately, Southwest held connecting flights in Baltimore long enough for people to make them. I was the last person onto my flight, but made it back right on time.

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