Monday, January 30 – Thursday, February 2


This was most assuredly not an easy week. I was back to my “regular” work at my main job, the special project being finished, and naturally enough this new cycle is a tough one. No finishing up early, each day I had to work 7 to 2:30 with only a couple short breaks. In fact, I wan’t able to finish everything, which means that sometime in the next couple of months, when I’ll hopefully have an easier cycle, I’ll have to do this unfinished work in addition to the normally scheduled stuff.

Staying late would have obviated the need to play catch-up in the near future, but it wasn’t an option because I had to work 4:30 to 9 each day at the Major Home Improvement Retailer wrangling shopping carts in the lot. The employee who does the lot on weekdays is on vacation, so I was the substitute called into action. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. On the bad side, the work was physically tough and left me really beat. Not to mention that working four evenings in a row after full days at my main job is going to be challenging under any circumstances. On the positive side, I got 18 hours for the week, up from four hours the previous week, and I’m glad I wasn’t in garden because that would have involved all sorts of product movement in preparation for an upcoming spring reset. Still, it was hard enough, and my hopes of making one or two late gym visits got precisely nowhere.

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