Friday, February 3 – Sunday, February 5

I wasn’t scheduled at all this weekend at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, which was a very fortunate thing. After doing four lot shifts in a row I was pretty much devastated. No joke – on Friday I could barely do anything at all, and Saturday and Sunday weren’t a whole lot better.  Granted, I had a lot of stuff to do on Saturday, and on Sunday I somehow mustered up enough energy for a gym trip, but all and all it was lazy weekend. But that’s fine.

Longform mystery: The European/Canadian/something woman of Chautauqua County.
On December 6, 1983, a utility worker found the body of a woman off the side of eastbound NY-17 (the Southern Tier Expressway) in Chautauqua County, in the westernmost part of New York State. Dead for less than a day, she had been shot four times, in the back, mouth, and twice in the chest. There is no information online as to the caliber of the firearm, I do not know if the police ever released that information. She may have been raped, though this is unconfirmed, and similarly unconfirmed is a sighting at a Pennsylvania truck stop the day before her death.
The woman was white, 5’4″ and 128 pounds, apparently in her 30’s, with brown hair just starting to become gray. Some moles but no tattoos or piercings. She had dental work that was both expensive and in a style usually performed in Europe. She had given birth at least once, probably 15 or more years earlier. She had an intrauterine device of European manufacture which unfortunately did not have a serial number, the brand had been available in Canada but never in the United States.
Another European connection is that the woman’s expensive trench coat was in European size 40 and the brand had not been exported to the United States or Canada. Another item of clothing, a camisole, also was a non-exported European brand. The woman had no shoes or jewelry.
What is most mysterious is the only document found on the body. It was a handwritten note, on stationery from the Blue Boy Motor Lodge in Vancouver, British Columbia. This was a rather downscale motel that has since closed. No one who worked at the motel recognized the woman. There were only three lines on the note, all in some sort of code:
Sas.k.R.h. 24233
K.R.Ba. 68301
Sarg. 74261
So far these codes have defied all attempts at deciphering them. Leaving aside the letters, the numbers may be a match for internal telephone lines at JFK Airport in New York, telephone area codes for cities in Germany, or postal codes in Austria. All of these remain speculative, however. One more thing of interest in the the number 7 on the note is written in the European style with a horizontal line, though there’s no way of knowing if the writing is the woman’s or someone else’s.
The woman does not fit the profile of any missing persons from the United States, Canada or Europe and there have been no matches on her fingerprints.

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