Monday, February 20 – Thursday, March 9

Okay, I know I should have been more careful about update

Well you know, better late than never, and all that stuff. These actually were a few fairly eventful weeks. On the 22nd I had to drive down to North Carolina to assist a family member who was having car trouble, a mission of mercy that involved a couple of trips through the highest part of the Appalachians to the nearest dealer in Tennessee. It was my first real experience with mountain driving in many years, and I’d have to say it was quite fun. Terrific scenery, in fact if I weren’t tied down here I’d definitely consider East Tennessee as a place to live. Just something about the area. As for all the driving I did, something like 1,500 miles in total, my main observation – once again involving scenery – is that while I-81 through Virginia may pass through some very picturesque landscapes, it still somehow manages to be boring. Oh, and the fogs in the southern Appalachians can be wicked.

Work at my main job was pretty easy for most of this stretch, no time pressures and on a few days I was able to leave early. My hours at the Major Home Improvement Retailer are starting to pick up, though still manageable. Job turnover has gotten so high that I see new faces every time I go in to work. There’s even a new head of my department. While all this turnover can be disconcerting, at least I can take some solace in the fact that I’m now one of  the more experienced workers in the store at less that three and a half years!

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