Friday, March 10 – Sunday, March 12

I had a pretty decent day off on Friday, didn’t do much but that’s fine by me. Saturday, now that was a more interesting day. There was a gun show being held not far away, the same semi-annual show at which I bought my vintage Mauser rifle six months ago. Initially this looked like bad timing, as I was scheduled to work full shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer both days. What was I supposed to do? Call in sick on Saturday, that’s it. Guilty about doing so? Not in a million years!

I arrived at the very crowded show looking to buy something, but without anything specific in mind. Whatever caught my fancy, in other words. One dealer had a very cool-looking Benelli Nova 12-gauge in camo for $400, I was all set to buy it, unfortunately they didn’t take credit cards. So much for that. Another dealer had a Remington 860 shotgun for $350, but someone else had just put a deposit on it. As things turned out, this dealer also had a Maverick 88 shotgun for $199, I offered $185, and it was mine. The Maverick is a variant of the well-known Mossberg 500, but is about $150 cheaper because it has a synthetic stock rather than the 500’s wooden one and although built in the US has mostly Mexican-sourced parts. But it’s a perfectly good shotgun and you can’t argue with the bargain.

Being miraculously recovered from my “illness” I did an 8-hour MHIR shift on Sunday. With a late-season snowstorm in the forecast for late Monday into Tuesday, there was a constant stream of customers looking for snow shovels and ice melt. The latter was a bit of problem as we soon ran out, and though there was a truckload on the way no one knew exactly when it would arrive. Being busy made the shift go by quickly, so I can’t complain.

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