Monday, April 10 – Thursday, April 13

At least I’m finding some gym time

This was supposed to be a semi-vacation week for me, but naturally enough things didn’t work out quite as planned. They never do. Instead of having the week off from my regular job, I only had Wednesday and Thursday off. On Monday and Tuesday I had to go in to make up for the snow days from the Storm of the Century (all two inches of it) in March. At least I had two days off, which is better than nothing, and in truth Monday and Tuesday were not bad days by any means.

As for the Major Home Improvement Retailer, I had 6 to 10 shifts on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Tuesday wasn’t bad, but Thursday featured a whole lot more of heavy freight work than I would have liked. This week including Saturday and Sunday is “only” 24.75 hours, I’ll be doing 28 hours in each of the following three weeks. That’s almost more than I can bear. I’m going to have to speak to the store manager and see if somehow she can reduce my hours. Of course I tried that last spring, and it went over like the proverbial lead balloon.

Even with my schedule the way it is I worked in gym visits on Monday and Wednesday. Monday I did some bench pressing, getting a total of 17 reps at 225 (no, not in the same set, I can only wish). Wednesday was back work, mostly machine-based. I’ve figured out that keeping a regular gym schedule is the best way of coping with the avalanche of MHIR hours. I can’t let work dominate my life.

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Saturday, March 18 – Sunday, April 9

Fun and games will be ending soon

One disadvantage of the Major Home Improvement Retailer’s 3-week-ahead scheduling system is that it’s become harder to live in a fool’s paradise. If I’m in a spell of reasonable schedules, 16 hours a week or thereabouts, but can see that in a few weeks I’ll be bombarded with 24 to 28 hours a week, I cannot enjoy the leisurely present. Of course, in that I’ve been working at the slave galley, er, store for over three years by all rights I should be well aware that spring is a brutal season.

After working more or less reasonable hours, with most 4-hour weekend shifts, I was able to see that I’d be up to 23 hours for the week beginning March 20, would have a 16-hour reprieve for the week of March 27, and then would be slammed with 26.25 hours (!!) on the week of April 3. Ugh. Double ugh. Yes, the fact that I’m writing this on April 10 mean that I did survive, but barely. There were a few shifts during this spell when I was barely able to function. Thankfully, my main job has been reasonably non-hectic, only once during this time period did I have to stay past normal quitting time and then for only a half hour. Also, which I guess is another benefit, I seem to be coping okay with the hard physical labor that working at the MHIR so often entails.

As for stuff that’s more fun, I made another trip to the range with my Maverick 88 shotgun and this time fired off some slugs. I used the 3-inch magnum Foster style slugs, and while the recoil is very hard it was most satisfying to see the big holes those monster projectiles punched through the targets. If I were using them out in the field rather than on a range I’d be able to feast on moose burgers. As I noted about my last range trip, there’s something fun in a primitive sense about using a hard-recoiling loud gun. In fact when I fired my first slug the noise scared the daylights out of two teenagers who were getting shooting lessons at the next bench. It sure wasn’t like the modest “crack” of the .223’s most other shooters were using.

I’ve also tried to keep a semi-regular gym schedule, though what with all the work at the MHIR it takes some doing. I’ve really gotten into dip and have resumed deadlifts after too long away, though the weights are still modest. What I figure is that if I can manage three sessions a week, which should be do-able, I’ll be able to at least hold steady until my busy work schedule eases up and I can go more often.  Hopefully.



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