Friday, April 14 – Tuesday, July 4

Has it been THIS long? Unfortunately yes.

Yes, I’ve really neglected this site. For way too long. I mean, here it is, the Fourth of July, and I haven’t posted anything since mid-April. Sorry. My bad.

Anyway, these have been a pretty eventful three months. I drove out to southern Illinois in late April to deliver a car to a family member, staying overnight in West Virginia, and flew back from St. Louis. It was a fun road trip as most of it was on “virgin” territory. I-70 through western Maryland was quite scenic, especially the famous Sideling Hill cut, and I liked West Virginia a lot too. All I had previously seen of the Mountaineer State was along I-81 through the eastern panhandle, which is basically a distant suburb of Washington. After a brief side trip into Ohio, a state I hadn’t been in since 2000, I followed I-64 through Kentucky and Indiana. It was my first-ever time in Kentucky and my first time in Indiana for many years. I also made a side trip through downtown Louisville, some nice older architecture. What had to be the most interesting part of the trip was the sight of some oil wells in Illinois. I had no idea the Land of Lincoln was also the Land of Black Gold.

A month later, in late May, we went on a week-long cruise in the Caribbean, on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. It’s one of the largest of all cruise ships, with something like 6,000 passengers. The cabin was nice and quite spacious, the food very good, and there were plenty of activities. Our ports of call were St. Maarten, San Juan, and the private Labadee resort in Haiti. St. Maarten was the least interesting of the three, San Juan was interesting but too short a stay, and Labadee was the best because we went on a cultural visit in the village and learned a lot about Haitian culture. After the cruise, we had sailed out of Port Canaveral, we spent a day in Disney World visiting EPCOT. I know some people consider it trite, or overly commercialized, but I enjoy WDW. Just bring money. Lots of money.

Otherwise … as you might expect, the Major Home Improvement Retailer worked me unmercifully, mostly 26- and 28-hour weeks. It was pretty hard to cope, and at times I gave serious through to resigning. The money is helpful but not vital, so leaving is a feasible option. It may sound odd, but what kept me there is the fact that it’s a really friendly place to work. Being in that sort of environment makes things easier. In addition, most of the cycles at my main job have been fairly easy, many early departures. Things should be slowing down a bit at the MHIR, and by August I’m hoping my hours will be averaging around 16 a week. That’s very tolerable. 28 hours is not.

Even though it’s been tough with all the MHIR hours I’ve been able to maintain a reasonably decent gym schedule. I haven’t gone as much as I should, but it’s not all that bad. Speaking of which, the Oasis of the Seas had a terrific fitness center, easily the equal of some gyms.

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  1. Did you stay with Will Truman when you were in West Virginia?

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