Thursday, July 6


It was a successful trip to Callie’s Candy Kitchen and Pretzel Factory in Pennsylvania. They are separate businesses, the Pretzel Factory is in the town of Cresco and the Candy Kitchen a couple miles further north in Mountainhome.  Getting there took a bit of rerouting; as we crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge an electronic message sign said 81 minutes to the George Washington Bridge via I-95 (the Cross Bronx Expressway), which is a distance of less than ten miles. Ugh! My solution was to head north on the Hutchinson River Parkway to the Cross County Parkway, then south on the Saw Mill/Henry Hudson Parkway to the George Washington Bridge. It was maybe twice the distance but traffic wasn’t bad at all.  Once on the bridge it was a short trip to I-80, which I took across New Jersey into Pennsylvania.

Coming back was a bit unusual. We got off I-80 in Wayne, New Jersey onto Route 46 to get something to eat at a Wendy’s. As I headed east on Route 46 to find a way back onto I-80, Google Maps wasn’t particularly helpful, it dawned on me that (a) 46 wasn’t a bad road at all, with very few lights, and (b) it has its own entrance to the George Washington Bridge.  It’s not scenic, being lined by countless businesses of all types, but it’s different from Interstate blandness. It offered a surprisingly quick trip to the bridge, followed by the Major Deegan Expressway to the Triboro Bridge and the Grand Central Parkway. What with this being a sort-of long holiday week traffic was notably lighter than usual and we made good time. What wasn’t so good were the (obscene) tolls, around $40 for the trip. At least the (obscene) tolls on the Henry Hudson and the Triboro bridges are the cashless type; cameras take pictures of license plates and send invoices. Hey, what about eliminating (obscene) tolls completely? We already pay enough in fuel taxes, thank you.

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  1. > We got off I-80 in Wayne, New Jersey onto Route 46 to get something to eat at a Wendy’s.

    That Wendy’s has been a Wendy’s for a very long time. Most Wendy’s in North Jersey are either new construction or converted Roy Rogers.

    That stretch of 46 isn’t bad to get to the GWB, but you are generally better off staying on 80. Next time get off the exit just past the Sonic and make a left at the end of the ramp. You will see the entrance to 80 on your right.

    Anyway across 46 from Wendy’s is a Home Depot, but many years ago it was a Crazy Eddie’s.

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